Special Education

At Saddle Mountain Unified School District we know that every child that walks through our door is special. We also know that some children need more assistance than others. Our special education department is dedicated to working with individual students so that every child will meet his or her potential.

parent with student

School Start Times for Special Education

Start and end times are as follows:

E-IEPPRO Parent Portal

Attention, parents and guardians! You can easily obtain the most recent meeting notice, prior written notice, IEP, and progress reports for your special education student by using the e-IEP PRO online portal by clicking here. Your email will be the one you provided to the school. If you need to change your email address, please contact the school secretary. 

District Special Education Programs

Special Education Office

Deeana Arrowood
Director of Special Education
(623) 474-5108

Susan Danahy
Special Education Specialist
(623) 474-5567

Stephanie Faver
Special Education Specialist
(623) 474-5116

Nancy Piedra
Special Education Secretary
(623) 474-5112

Shaylyn Savage
Special Education Specialist
(623) 474-5117

Carol Wells
MIPS Coordinator
(623) 474-5568

Physical Therapy

Lucy Castelamare
Physical Therapist
(623) 474-5382

Psychologist Office

Dr. Casey Dreste
School Psychologist
(623) 474-5402

Dr. Shane Hunt
School Psychologist
(623) 474-5504

Dr. Michael Levine
School Psychologist
(623) 474-5509

Speech Therapy

Bryan Clark
Speech Language Pathologist
(623) 474-5206

Jordan Clark
Speech Language Pathologist
(623) 474-5560

Courtney Perry
Speech Language Pathologist
(623) 474-5560

Trudi Yandt
Speech Language Pathologist - Preschool
(623) 474-5621