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Food Services

We know that providing a healthy diet for children is important to parents. We want you to know that it’s important to us as well. We work closely with Chartwells Food Service to offer nutritious, well-balanced meals for our students. You can be sure that every lunch has a fruit, vegetable, protein, and carbohydrate. We also provide milk with each lunch. If you ever have questions about our lunches or meal service, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you.

Tim Ely
(623) 474.5510

Corina Guerrero
(623) 474.5103

We have found some great resources to help you and your children stay healthy. Please click on the links below for more information and a great reference guide for parents.

Food Services Applicants 

For job openings in food services, please look on, under Chartwells/Compass Group

Meal Prices

Below are our meal prices during the regular school year.


  • Free

Elementary and Middle School Lunch

  • $2.40
  • Reduced - $0.40

High School Lunch

  • $2.90
  • Reduced - $0.40

Delinquent Account POlicy

Students and district employees have an automatic meal account set up with a unique ID number. As meals are received, your account will be charged. Credit will be made to your account as payments are received. Payments may be received by check, money order, or cash. Please make payments in the morning as to not slow the serving line during meal times.

Charges are an extreme hardship on the Food Service Department. When your student's account reaches a low balance, as a courtesy to you, payment reminders are sent home every Tuesday and Thursday of every week.

Once a child incurs charges of $6.00, that child will no longer be provided with the regular meal. The child will instead be provided an alternate meal until the charges have been paid. This alternate meal will include a sandwich, a fruit or vegetable, and a white milk.

Student's accounts are continuous. If your child had a negative balance at the end of the previous year, that balance will reflect on the current year. If your child had a balance on the account, it will also reflect on the current year. If a child graduates and has siblings still in the district, that amount will reflect on their account.